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  • Cane And Austin
    30% Miracle Pad +

    C$ 114.00

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    20% Miracle Pads

    C$ 101.00

  • Cane And Austin
    2%-5% Acne Retexture Pad +

    C$ 78.00

  • Cane And Austin
    Retexturizing Treatment Pads

    C$ 78.00

  • Cane And Austin
    Retexturizing Treatment Lotion

    C$ 62.00

  • Cane And Austin
    10% Glycolic Gelee Mask Plus Cleanser

    C$ 31.85
    YOU SAVE C$ 17.15

  • Cane And Austin
    Cane And Austin
    After 20 years in development, Cane and Austin was born, helping provide a solution to the effects of aging, while battling breakouts. Founder Dr. Austin created his line with simplicity and at-home use in mind. Their products are formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients for optimal efficacy, including pharmaceutical-grade glycolic acid, to produce unrivaled at-home results comparable to in-office professional treatments.

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