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Hand Sanitizer
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    All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

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    Years ago, I found myself doing fieldwork among the most beautiful wild mango trees in Chad. Not one to waste an opportunity for incredible fresh fruit, I was introduced to a family where the mother and kids proceeded to expertly climb the trees in the hot sun to harvest mangoes for me to eat.

    Once I had eaten my fill, I went to pay far more than the 25 cents they were charging me, and as I went to hand the money to the wife I was told, "You must hand the money over to the father as a sign of respect." Sitting off to the side, never having lifted a finger and never having even looked up to acknowledge my existence was the father.

    I felt a knot of anger and frustration in my heart as I customarily handed the money over to the father, and I thought to myself, this happens everywhere around the world in different ways, and it's wrong.

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