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  • Glampalm
    Tail Comb Carbon Fiber

    C$ 33.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 33MM

    C$ 275.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 28MM

    C$ 275.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 19MM

    C$ 258.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 13MM

    C$ 258.00

  • Glampalm
    Airlight Hair Dryer

    C$ 245.00

  • Glampalm
    Signature (Classic)

    C$ 290.00

  • Glampalm
    Crescent Volumizer 1"

    C$ 312.00

  • Glampalm

    The brainchild of the leading hair tool manufacturer UNIL, the company that conceptualized, designed and built many of the notable hair tools sought in the market today.

    Each beautifully crafted hair styler is designed, engineered and built within its South Korea headquarters. Sourcing all of the materials through vertical manufacturing and cultivating a standard that surpasses all others in the industry, Glampalm’s hair tools showcase a hybrid in innovative technology and natural hair health. A focus on not just efficient styling, but also optimal hair health propels Glampalm’s products beyond all expectations. 

    A remarkable discovery in the industry, the Healing Stone technology has yet to be tapped by any hair tool retailer in the industry.

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