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  • Glampalm
    Tail Comb Carbon Fiber

    C$ 33.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 33MM

    C$ 275.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 28MM

    C$ 275.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 19MM

    C$ 258.00

  • Glampalm
    Marcel Curling Iron - 13MM

    C$ 258.00

  • Glampalm
    Airlight Hair Dryer

    C$ 245.00

  • Glampalm
    Crescent Volumizer 1"

    C$ 312.00


    The innovators behind the GlamPalm brand are pioneers in the hair styling industry and are dedicated to giving customers the highest quality products that utilize the newest technology. GlamPalm has dictated industry standards since 1995 when they were the first company to use ceramic plates. This allowed consumers to style their strands without damaging them, and is now a staple in most styling tools.

    GlamPalm continues to revolutionize hair tool standards and is a favorite among professional stylists and home-users. Celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner, whose clients include Mila Kunis, Diane Keaton and Kristen Wiig, raves about GlamPalm,

    "You know, with great tools, you can have great results. It kind of unleashes your inner artist, as I like to say. With the GlamPalm tools, everyone can be an amazing stylist. They can be their own artist."

    GlamPalm's success is due to their unique and patented product features that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers. With a large variety of products to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect tool for your hair type and styling needs. Our quality devices prevent damage, are safety and health conscious, and are sure to save you time and money.

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