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  • LaTweez
    Lash Comb and Brow Brush

    C$ 16.20

  • LaTweez
    Petite Nail Clipper

    C$ 16.20

  • LaTweez
    Oblique Nail Clipper

    C$ 20.25

  • LaTweez
    Twin Tweezers Set

    C$ 24.30

  • LaTweez
    Tweezers Set

    C$ 27.00

  • LaTweez
    Ingrown Hair / Splinter Tweezer

    C$ 16.20

  • LaTweez
    Precision Tweezers

    C$ 16.20

  • LaTweez
    Slant Tweezers

    C$ 16.20

  • LaTweez
    Beauty Travel Set

    C$ 54.00

  • LaTweez
    Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Lipstick Case and Triangle Box

    C$ 35.10


    LaTweez was founded in 2004 with an idea, passion and the desire to bring innovation to the industry. LaTweez is a privately held company with Headquarters based in Atlanta, GA. It is in the Middle East where the design, development and international marketing of new and innovative cosmetic products are managed. Operating globally, La-tweez has the sole ownership of the original patents associated with the La-tweez brand, including the world renowned Illuminating Tweezers, light up tweezers, led tweezers.  

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