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Experience the wonders of laser treatments
for skin correction, anti-aging, and hair removal.

Enhance your skin's texture, tone, and overall appearance. Whether it’s from sun damage, acne
scarring, or just aging, our laser skin treatments will help you look & feel rejuvenated and glowing!

We provide the latest in laser hair removal, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and skin correction, without the high costs, risk, and downtime of surgery. Our Laser technology provides you with the most effective, non-invasive aesthetic laser skin care treatment options available today, to dramatically improve your skins appearance within one visit.

Short Recovery

The recovery time of a Laser Skin Care Treatment is minimal.

Boost Confidence

Quick Procedures

Laser Skin Care Treatments are Quick Procedures
Laser Skin Care Treatments can Boost Your Confidence
See Results Instantly from your Laser Skin Care Treatments

Instant Results

How Do Laser Treatments Work?

Which Laser Treatment Is Right For Me ?

How a Laser Really Works

Either non-ablative (don't damage outer layer of skin) or ablative (create controlled damage to outer skin) fractionated lasers help reverse signs of sun damage, textural issues, and fine lines by creating minuscule holes in the skin via  abeam of fractionated energy. The body recognizes the damage and in an effort to repair the damage, creates new collagen. As a result, new collagen leads to smoother skin over the next few months.

What to expect

Results can often be seen after just one laser treatment and the effects can last 3-5 months! With little or no downtime required, laser skin treatments are a fast, easy way to stimulate collagen production, remove hyperpigmentation, reduce the signs of aging, minimize redness, and give you brighter more vibrant skin!

Different lasers are used to tackle different concerns. Not every procedure is right for you. Eternal Skin Care offers many different treatment options that address many common skin conditions and concerns.

Book your free consultation for an in-depth, thorough analysis of your skin and areas of concern. You'll get professional advice about which laser would work best to reduce the appearance of your skin concerns.

Address acne,  minimize pores and fine lines

Try Laser Genesis  >

Tighten sagging skin

Try Skin Tightening  >

Eliminate spots & freckles

Try Photofacial  >

Reduce the appearance of vascular lesions and veins

Try Vasular Therapy  >

Tackle multiple signs of aging at once

Try 3D Skin Rejuventation >

Get rid of hair for good

Try Laser Hair Removal  >


Lets you reveal your most vibrant complexion
in a non-invasive way resulting to even skin tone and smooth texture.

Breaks down scar tissue using fractional laser light to remove the top layer of the scarred skin.

The first FDA-approved, non-surgical
treatment that fades stretch marks
while enhancing collagen production.

Treats unsightly veins on the face or legs,
broken blood vessels and vascular concerns.


Firms the skin using light energy for a
youthful look without the need of surgery.


A non-invasive alternative to surgical facelift
to drastically improve your skin tone and texture.


This powerful laser technology breaks down facial lines and creases while helping generate new, smoother skin.


Reduces age spots, brown spots, sun damage, redness, and wrinkles to unveil your skin’s
natural radiance.


Get rid of unwanted hair permanently
without the need to shave, wax or pluck.

Experience the safest way in dealing
with a stubborn fungal toenail infection.

Eternal Skincare is Vancouver's diamond standard in skincare and beauty's best — an incredible selection of high-tech, hands-on aesthetic and medi-spa services, paired with specialty, niche, and amazingly effective beauty brands! Read More >

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