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Skin Care
Skin Care
5 Tips to Keep You Glowing for Autumn
Aug 9th , 2018
Posted By Diane
The colder weather is just around the corner. When we think of Fall, the things that come to our mind are falling leaves as well as the slowly-dropping humidity. As the season changes, this gives us a chance to try out new things and make some adjustments especially when it comes to our skincare routine.

#1: Scrub & Moisturize at Night

Spending long hours outdoors exposes your skin to dirt, damage and other environmental stressors. It is best to have some double cleansing at night in the form of exfoliation. Opt for a gentle scrub to wash away grime, makeup, and dead skin cells without stripping your skins natural oils. Compared in summer, our skin tends to get dryer when the weather is colder. This is why it demands more time in absorbing moisture. Remember to apply a night moisturizer after cleansing to replenish your skin's moisture while you sleep. You will be surprised as you wake up with glowing, hydrated skin that's also ready for makeup. It also saves you an extra minute in preparing your look in the morning. 

#2: Humid-Proof Your Daily Makeup

In order to ensure your makeups lasting power, remember to only use cosmetics with all-day innovative formulas. But before anything else, make sure to wash your face first with a gentle moisturizing cleanser. Then, apply a mattifying primer to even out your skin tone with a matte finish. This will help your foundation last longer. If you are not into using foundation, try switching to a long-wearing concealer with a lightweight formula for a breathable coverage. Finally, finish your look and lock in perfection using a setting spray which actually works in making makeup last longer. 

#3: Wake & Brighten Up Your Eyes

Take a look at the brighter side by giving your eyes a lifted look. Apply two to three pumps of brightening eye contour in the morning and evening or as needed to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. This will give you a refreshing appearance all day long.

#4: Highlight & Bronze

Put your best features on the spotlight using a highlighter stick for a radiant spectrum of illumination with a soft focus finish or a bronzer to contour and add warmth to your cheeks, nose, and eyes.

#5: Stay Hydrated


Glowing skin also starts from within. Drink plenty of water to keep your complexion hydrated from the inside out so you can always wake up with healthy, naturally glowing skin. You may also take a collagen drink to support not only the vitality of your skin but also your hair, tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints.
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