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Prep Up for the Holidays from Head to Toe
Nov 13th , 2018
Posted By Diane
As the colder months start to roll in, our mind turn to the holidays. Before this busy season come knocking to our doors, start sorting your holiday checklist and prepare for a top-to-toe beauty makeover. So, heres a quick beauty checklist to ensure you look your best when you snap those holiday selfies.
Your hair crowns your beauty and highlights your sense of style. Give your locks a head start with a conditioning treatment that will help you restore your hairs volume and lock in moisture. Revive the color of your hair with a nourishing shampoo that illuminates and and adds luminous shine. Just remember to only wash your hair at least 3x a week! Dont forget to lather up a natural hair oil preferably with argan for a remarkable silkiness, lightness and gloss.
Before thinking about your holiday makeup, make sure to prep your facial skin first. Begin your regular cleansing routine using a gentle formula that wont strip the essential moisture of your skin. Opt for a cleanser that is formulated without fragrance if you have sensitive skin. Make it a habit to always apply a moisturizing sunscreen to keep your face moisturized and protected against sun damage.
If you're planning to travel for the holidays, give your bod a good scrub first. Exfoliation will help you buff away dead skin cells to leave your skin intensely soft and more receptive to moisture. In case you still want to show off a summer glow, start planning on how you can fake a tan before you travel. Be sure to step up your moisturizing game and make your tan darker before your long-haul flight - as the artificial air in the plane cabin can dry out your skin and cause you to lose that tan easily.
Get ready to sparkle for the holidays by wearing glossy and shiny lacquers. In order to for you to nail your most sophisticated tips and toes, heal cracked cuticles and soften your nails first. This will then smooth out the application of your preferred nail lacquers. Wear nail colors that associates fast-drying and non-irritating formula for a long-lasting, thick coat that won't chip for days.
A beautiful pair of shoes can take you to great places especially during the holiday season but calluses and fungal infections can ruin this. Put your best feet forward with the help of a pedicure treatment and keep fungus at bay with an antifungal cream and shoe spray kit.
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