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What Your Breakouts Say About Your Health
Sep 6th , 2018
Posted By Diane

When zits appear, we often think that the culprit behind this is the lack of sleep or the use of dirty makeup brushes.
But the truth lies inside your body and face mapping can help you find out what your breakouts are trying to tell you.
Face mapping is traditionally used in the Chinese Medicine and Ayuverda in order to discover the reason behind sudden breakouts on the facial skin. It acts like a window that can help you get a glimpse of what is going on in your health. Through face mapping, you can determine the cause of your acne breakouts depending on where you spotted them.

Breakouts on Forehead
The Culprit: Unhealthy food

Breakouts and tiny bumps usually appear on this part especially if you have bangs or been using cosmetics with pore-blocking ingredients. The forehead skin has higher sebaceous glands which often lead to breakouts. However, there's much more to this. If you are struggling with breakouts on your forehead, it is time to skip a crappy diet and check on your digestive system.

The Fix:
Re-evaluate your diet. Avoid eating too much dairy products and sweets.
Instead, choose to eat fresh, unprocessed food that heals the skin from inside and out.
Acne In Between the Eyebrows
The Culprit: Excessive alcohol intake

Have you been up partying all night lately? Had too much wine or greasy food? Alcohol tends to dehydrate not only your body but also your skin. Its toxins can contribute to acne breakouts that will first appear in between your eyebrows. Drinking too much can take a serious toll on your liver. While there is very little evidence to prove that excessive drinking leads to acne, the liver takes part in maintaining clear skin.

The Fix:
Control your drinking habits. Get some liver-lovin' break by having a detox ritual to remove toxins and excess fat consumption. A good bath with epsom salts and essential oils can help you out with this.

Pimples on the Cheeks
The Culprit: Environmental Stressors

Since pores are usually the largest on your cheeks, they're more vulnerable to external pollutants. This directly affects your respiratory system. And that causes allergy breakouts, lack of oxygen, and impaired breathing.

The Fix:
If you are always cheek to cheek with your phone, make sure to disinfect its screen from time to time
in order to prevent acne-causing bacteria. Don't forget to regularly change your pillowcase as well.
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