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Why Green Beauty Is In
Jun 28th , 2018
Posted By Dianne
When it comes to purchasing beauty products, consumers are progressively adopting a green mentality. This means that products with natural and organic ingredients are becoming more popular because of their positive impact not only on health but as well as on the environment.
However, consumers and beauty brands have to work together in order to protect the people and the planet. Today, more companies from the beauty industry are making a big difference in developing products and creating packaging which need to be both eco-friendly. Get to know the five ways the beauty industry is stepping up.

Environment First

With the eco-friendly policy, most brands in the beauty industry today are starting to make a massive change in formulating products by avoiding harsh ingredients, having efficient energy usage and minimizing waste for the benefit of the environment.

No to Animal Testing
The rise of cruelty-free products is making rounds in the beauty industry. More consumers have become more aware on animal welfare issues and more skeptical of brands that continue to test on animals. A recent survey shows that 72% respondents agreed that testing personal care products and cosmetics on animals is unethical while 61% respondents said that this practice should not be allowed.

Organic & Sustainable Movement
In just a few years, the organic market has shown a major growth. Most consumers have switched to using organic products that are free from harsh chemicals making them safer for everyone to use. Toxins and chemicals that can be found on skincare products may only cause a bad effect or worse, damage to the skin.

Renewable Energy
Many beauty companies that have adopted natural ingredients also manufacture their products with renewable energy sources through wind-powered factories. This shows a positive approach in taking a healthier, eco-focused step in product development as well as manufacturing.

Recycled Packaging
To help customers take part of the eco-friendly move, beauty brands can encourage them by recycling durable containers or reusing product bottles for storing cosmetic brushes instead of throwing them away once used. More companies are now employing creative ways to use recycled packaging and bottles for their beauty products.

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