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Double-cleansing with Micellar Water

Posted By May
How to Double Cleanse with Micellar Water

Double cleansing with micellar water is a great habit to develop, especially for those of us who love makeup and/or have sensitive skin.

Unlike regular tap or distilled water, micellar water contains micelles. These micelles are oil molecules suspended in soft water. What these micelles do is cleanse your skin of makeup, dirt and debris to make sure your skin is clean, Ph-balanced and unclogged.

Here are a few steps to integrating micellar water double-cleansing into your nightly beauty routine:


Remove makeup, dirt and excess oil with micellar water. Here's our bestselling one:

Dr Renaud
HydraPure Micellar Water

After micellar water, wash your face with a water-based cleanser. This one from VivierSkin is ideal for any skin type:


Exfoliate weekly to make sure your skin sheds and reveals newer skin cells for a youthful glow. Some exfoliants are best used at night, so it would be best to integrate after your  double-cleansing routine before going to bed. This exfoliating product from DTL Dermatologic comes with pad applicators to easily swipe on the face, relax for 10-20mins, then simply rinse off afterwards.

DCL Dermatologic
G20 Radiance Peel

Spritz on a face toner for an extra layer of protection to care for your skin's microbiomes and for a balanced Ph level.

Perricone MD
Micellar Cleaning Treatment (No Rinse)

After removing things from your skin, don't forget to add nutrients too. Nourish your skin with rich serums and hydrators to keep skin soft, smooth and plump. Use face and eye creams/serums to make sure all bases are covered.

La Biosthetique
La Capsule Hydratante

Lock the goodness in with a good-quality moisturizer. When double cleansing at night or late afternoon when the sun's harsh rays are no longer out, night creams are best.

Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser

Feel yourself refreshed every day when you wake up in the morning to a clean, fresh face! Your "woke-up-like-this" selfies will be a joy to share with clean and healthy skin. Make sure to use high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreens for an extra layer of skin defence during the day.

It's best to double cleanse once a day. The best time is when you come home to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil. Make double cleansing your ritual to begin unwinding and relaxing after a long day, stripping yourself to the bare essentials -- a beautiful, clean and healthy face.

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