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FOREO Luna: The New Kid On The Block!

Posted By Kate

There's a new sonic-cleansing kid on the block among the world of high tech skincare, and that kid goes by the name of FOREO Luna.


While Clarisonic still reigns supreme in its well-established position (including that on Oprah Winfrey's bathroom counter and Favourite Things list!), FOREO Luna is also designed to deeply cleanse the skin, using sonic technology.

Sonic cleansing removes more makeup, dirt, and oil than manual cleansing by hand or cloth; the gentle exfoliation produced by both Clarisonic and FOREO prevent congested skin (blocked pores; acne), refining the appearance and texture of skin, and thus help treatment products better penetrate skin after cleansing.

Both leave skin feeling really, really clean, and are well-worth the investment!

They are, however, different in their designs and how they produce results!

  • Clarisonic relies on oscillating, nylon brush heads to cleanse the skin; FOREO Luna has medical grade silicone pads/bristles which transfer sonic pulsations into the skin. While the Clarisonic brush heads require replacement every few months, FOREO Luna's massaging bristles never require replacement.

  • Clarisonic brush heads are available in various textures for skin types and concerns (i.e. sensitive, delicate, acneic); FOREO Luna has various models based on skintype (combination, sensitive, men's skin).

  • Clarisonic and FOREO Luna both have various models available, with different speed and cleansing settings. The FOREO Luna Pro has two motors (one for the Mini and full-sized Luna), various speed settings, and a massage feature for product absorption (such as the Clarisonic Opal does around the eyes).

  • Clarisonic requires 24 hours to completely charge its battery, lasting 1.5-2 weeks with daily usage; FOREO Luna requires one hour, and lasts up to 450 uses.

  • Both Clarisonic and FOREO Luna offer travel sized devices: Clarisonic Mia, Mia 2, and FOREO Luna Mini.

  • Both are waterproof.



What Are The Differences Between the FOREO Luna Models?


Luna Mini, is a cleansing device. Its transdermal technology is meant to bring up dirt, oil, and makeup to the surface for better cleansing. It does stimulate blood flow from the vibrations. The larger touchpoints on back are designed to dig out the extra oil, blackheads, and whiteheads that are usually produced within the nasal area, or areas that need extra attention, such as excessively oily or dry patches.

The Luna and Luna Pro offer the same cleansing as the Mini, but also offer a different frequency to pulsate (push your skincare into the deeper level of the skin), while stimulating blood flow, as well as helping to produce collagen and elastin. This will give the skin better results from your skincare, as products penetrate to a deeper level.

We love BOTH Clarisonic and FOREO Luna, and feel that YOUR personal preference and skin characteristics will determine which device is best for YOU.

Whatever your personal choice, you may ensure that your skin will be left glowing, throughly clean, and more receptive to treatment products with use of either device. 
* prices are subject to change, and are not reflective of the quotes stated on FOX News.

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