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Indoor heating and your skin

Posted By Angel
Winter months often bring about discomfort that comes with dry and cracked skin. With increased exposure to indoor heating, our skin is easily robbed of the necessary moisture that is vital to its nourishment and function.

The reduced moisture in the air as you heat the temperature inside during the colder months contributes to an accelerated loss of moisture from the surface of the skin.  Essentially, moisture is being taken from the deeper layers of the skin to compensate for the increased loss from the outer layers of the skin.

Because of the lower functioning of the skins ability to hold moisture and to replenish it quickly enough, its important to take a few extra steps to add added moisture internally and externally. 

1. Hydrate

Drinking more water throughout the day is your best step towards restoring the moisture balance of your overall body, including your skin. Most people struggle with remembering or even being motivated to drink more water.  Here is a helpful tip:  throw your favourite fruit in the mix and supplement more water in place of a dehydrating caffeine drink throughout the day. Also, warm up your water and drink with lemon, like tea.

2. Humidify

Humidifiers are a great addition to your home or office to bring moisture to the rooms atmosphere. Dermatologists often swear by the beneficial effects of humidifiers in dry air conditions. Besides creating extra moisture in the surrounding air, try adding an aromatic scent to the humidifier for a relaxing feel just a few drops of lavender oil or jasmine extract or any scent you gravitate towards. Investing in a humidifier that will take you through winter seasons is worth every penny.

3. Moisturize

When combating dryness, moisturizers that lock-in hydration in the skin are your go-tos for immediate relief and for sustained balance on the skins surface.  For these products to be uber-effective, they best include ingredients like Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and squalene to name just a few. 

Here is a list of our preferred, moisturizing products that will help offset winter dryness and restore the dewy moisture of balanced and well functioning skin.

Skeyndor Deep Moisturizing Cream FII

You would think cold weather and dry air would be catastrophic enough. Add in sensitive skin to the mix, and it might just send you into a frenzy! Good thing the Skeyndor Deep Moisturizing Cream FII is specifically for sensitive skin prone to dehydration. The corneal layer, which is resistant to cleansing, is taken care of by dermo-saccharides, moisturizing agents, and other ingredients, promoting its recovery and protective function, heightening its tolerance against external aggressors.

Ella Bache Royale Rich Nourishing Cream

Providing antioxidants and anti-ageing protection, it is rich in Vitamin A, D and E. A luxuriously textured, ultra-nourishing cream has Beeswax and Lanolin, which intensely moisturizes, softens, and protects the skin from moisture loss, making it ideal for dry, dehydrated skin that needs healing and strengthening.

AFA Moisturizer

When your skin is lacking water, it needs hydration. When your skin is lacking in oil, it needs moisturization.  The AFA Moisturizer does both with a dermatologist-approved patented blend of amino-based filaggrin antioxidants, which rehydrates the skin while helping it maintain its moisture balance for a smooth and rejuvenated skin complexion, all without the greasy feeling!

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