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New Year New You
. . .
DATE Jan 15th , 2019
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Boxing Day In-Store Sale
. . .
DATE Dec 19th , 2018
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Holiday Firm and Lift
Our Cutera 3-D Skin Rejuvenation is a comprehensive system that can improve a variety of the conditions . . .
DATE Dec 19th , 2018
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Customer Appreciation Day 2
Let us thank and treat you for a day filledwith beauty and pampering at Eternal Skin Care. What to expect: A . . .
DATE Dec 10th , 2018
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Customer Appreciation Day
‘Tis the season of beauty and giving.Join us for a day of pampering at Eternal Skin Care. What to expect: Welcome . . .
DATE Dec 8th , 2018
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Black Friday In Store Sale
. . .
DATE Nov 19th , 2018
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Be Merry and Bright
. . .
DATE Nov 16th , 2018
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Prep Up for the Holidays from Head to Toe
As the colder months start to roll in, our mind turn to the holidays. Before this busy season come knocking to . . .
DATE Nov 13th , 2018
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How to Get Better Beauty Sleep Before the Holidays
Nothing beats the feeling of getting eight or more hours of sleep every night. Definitely, it is the best habit . . .
DATE Nov 6th , 2018
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Eternal Skincare is Vancouver's diamond standard in skincare and beauty's best — an incredible selection of high-tech, hands-on aesthetic and medi-spa services, paired with specialty, niche, and amazingly effective beauty brands! Read More >

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