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Reminders of a time or place.


About Scars

Scars are often thought of as reminders of a time and place when the body was put to the test, and survived with a story. How much the scar bothers you can be very personal — even embarrassing. Whether your scars are from a wound, or a result of an acne breakout, there are a variety of options to reduce the appearance of your scarring.

Surgical scars are often unavoidable. A similar outcome is after an accidental cut to the skin, and underlying tissue has been damaged, often leaving a visible mark.

Acne scars are particularly difficult to get rid of. When the skin is injured, the body goes into overdrive to heal the wound by quickly producing collagen. The collagen produced is different than regular skin —typically thicker and harder. Poor healing, or infections can lead to scars that are noticeable, unsightly, and even disfiguring.

People with darker skin tones may notice hyperpigmentation within the scars, while people with lighter skin tones may show redness within the scars.

No scar can be removed completely, however, the appearance can often be greatly improved or reduced with a variety of treatments or products, depending on the type of scar you have!


Treatment Options

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