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BioCode has innovatively created "Medical Cosmetics Repair Skin Care Product." It is more that just a single formula. It offers expertise, higher overall value, and takes aesthetic medicine to the next level.    The professional aesthetics medicine brand Biocode uses the lastest biotechnology, integrating the basis of the aesthetics medicine and coordinated with the lastest internationally approved ingredients. With a background in professional development and medically experiments, we have created exclusive high-performance skin care products.     The products contain high-concentration efficient formula, secure sealing and sophisticated packaging, safeguarding the products' effectiveness to the full extent. It has made aesthetics medicine's maintenance and repair easier. It magnifies the effect of the treatment, mutiplies the resistence against the environment and delays the effects of aging.
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  • Bio Code
    2-in-1 Makeup Removing Cleansing Gel

    C$ 60.00

  • Bio Code
    Rose Energizing 3-in-1 Firming Mask

    C$ 40.00

  • Bio Code
    Rose Energizing Elegant Cream

    C$ 120.00

  • Bio Code
    Rose Energizing Hydrating Toner

    C$ 50.00

  • Bio Code
    Rose Floral Water Mist

    C$ 40.00

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