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    ANTIDOTE H+ - Hydration

    C$ 65.99

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    ANTIDOTE HB5 - Hydration

    C$ 65.99

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    CAVIAR ROUGE Superfruits Soft Peeling Mask

    C$ 46.99

  • Corpa Flora
    ANTIDOTE 03 - Redness Relief

    C$ 72.99

  • Corpa Flora
    ANTIDOTE 02 - Vitality

    C$ 85.99

  • Corpa Flora
    ANTIDOTE 01 - Firming and Lifting

    C$ 64.99

  • Corpa Flora
    CORPA CERA Lipid-Replenishing and Soothing Liquid Balm

    C$ 49.99

  • Corpa Flora
    CORPA NUTRITIVE Body Moisturizing Treatment - Tangerine Edition

    C$ 43.99

  • Corpa Flora
    Eclat Citrouille Oil Formula - Night

    C$ 46.99

  • Corpa Flora
    GRENADINE Oil Formula - Day

    C$ 46.99


    Lulu Hughes
    Singer, actress and proud ambassador of our Corpa Flora products!
    Lulu Hughes has been a true figurehead in the Quebec arts community for the past 25 years.
    Known for her powerful voice and her stunning performances, she leaves no soul untouched by her light. Filled with a strong desire to go beyond, she records, composes and writes her own albums, and brilliantly plays roles, including the character of Sandra in "La rage de l"ange". She has yet to stop surprising us with the flood of projects, all the more electric than the last!Lulu represents the perfect Corpa Flora woman, a woman who is involved in society, active, passionate, and authentic. She has adopted healthier habits, for a healthier lifestyle, and strives to be involved in many social causes and infuses her light in everything she undertakes. Lulu is an inspiration for all generations.

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