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  • Henne Organics
    Lip Mask

    C$ 49.00

  • Henne Organics
    Lip Serum

    C$ 59.00

  • Henne Organics
    Luxury Lip Tint

    C$ 31.00

  • Henne Organics
    Lip Exfoliator

    C$ 31.00

  • Henne Organics
    Luxury Lip Balm V2

    C$ 27.00

  • Henne Organics
    Luxury Lip Balm

    C$ 29.00

  • Description

    Quality is often missing in our fast-paced lives. Too busy to see the beauty in simplicity, too stressed to feel special.

    Our vision is to reintroduce a splash of luxury into the everyday without sacrificing design, ethics or one’s health.

    Why wait until that specific event in several weeks or that vacation in six months? We hope that every time you open our jar and use our lip balm, you experience a moment of indulgence and bliss.

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