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  • Payot
    Nourishing Softening Hand Cream

    C$ 28.00

  • Payot
    OPTIMALE 24 Hour Roll-On Deodorant

    C$ 37.00

  • Payot
    My Payot Radiance Eye Care

    C$ 47.50

  • Payot
    My Payot Night Cream

    C$ 63.00

  • Payot
    My Payot Day Cream

    C$ 58.00

  • Payot
    Radiance-Boosting Lotion

    C$ 37.00

  • Payot
    Eye Contour

    C$ 66.50

  • Payot
    Soothing ans Comforting Balm

    C$ 53.00

  • Payot
    My Payot Healthy Glow Serum

    C$ 71.00

  • Payot
    Plumping Priming Infusion

    C$ 41.50

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  • Payot
    The After-Sun Super Care

    C$ 62.00

  • Payot
    After-sun Micellar Cleansing Gel

    C$ 29.50

  • Payot
    Self Tanning Mousse

    C$ 59.50

  • Payot
    BLUE TECHNI LISS Peeling Mask

    C$ 170.50

  • Payot
    NUTRICIA Cocooning Lip Balm

    C$ 31.50

  • Payot
    Gradual Enhancing Glow Lotion

    C$ 46.00

  • Payot
    NUTRICIA Super Comforting Balm

    C$ 88.50

  • Payot
    My Payot New Glow

    C$ 61.50

  • Payot
    My Payot Healthy Glow Peeling

    C$ 43.50

  • Payot
    Nourishing Cleansing Care

    C$ 27.50


    PAYOT is a luxurious French skincare brand created by Nadia Payot, one of the world's first female doctors, back in the 1920s.

    Inspired by prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, Nadia Payot developed facial exercises that preserved the skin's beauty and youth, a 42-Movement Massage, still performed today. These facial exercises were later joined by a unique beauty line, which marked the beginning of PAYOT products.

    Dedicated to meeting the daily beauty needs of every woman at every stage of their life, PAYOT combines the latest science advances with luxurious and sensorial textures and fragrances.

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